Santosh Chandran

I was radically transformed by the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ back in 1997 in a most unusual way and unusual place. Read my testimony here. Over the years of my walk with God, I have come to realize a few basic truths from God's Word that have radically altered my life. When I believed in Jesus, His death, and His resurrection, I was born again. I am now a NEW CREATION in Christ. A creation that did not exist before. I have relocated my residence; from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. I now fight the good fight of faith to live as a citizen of my new location; the kingdom of God.

The Benefits of Using a Christian Homeschool Planner

The Benefits of Using a Christian Homeschool Planner

Most people do not really realize the benefits of using a Christian Homeschool planner. To many people, homeschooling seems like a completely overwhelming task. What do you even teach? Where do you find the curriculum? How do you track everything that’s going on in your child’s life? Luckily, there are Christian Homeschool Planners out there to make things easier on both teachers and students alike! Here are some of the best benefits of using this planner.

why do you believe in Jesus?

Why do you believe in Jesus?

Why do you believe in Jesus? Is it because He did a miracle in your life? Is it because you saw someone getting healed miraculously? Is it because your prayers got answered when you were desperate for something? Is it because of the many signs you saw which led you to believe that this Jesus is probably real? Here’s a good one. Is it because you have seen that most professing Christians are somewhat good, kindhearted, polite, don’t usually swear, and are most helpful…and so you probably think it’s a good thing? What is the most forceful motivator that causes you to believe in Jesus? Why do you believe in Jesus?

Fear not

Fear not

They say “Fear not” is mentioned 365 times in the bible, once for every day of the year. I am not sure if that is correct because I have not really counted it to verify the truth of that statement. However, I do know that the phrase “fear not” is indeed mentioned several times in the bible. I ran a search for the phrase “fear not” on the net, and the results vary from version to version. The New King James version returned a result of 150.

hope in the bible

Hope in the Bible

Hope in the Bible is quite different from what the world refers to as hope. When the world refers to “hope”, they usually mean that they are unsure and uncertain of the desired outcome. It is like rolling a dice and “hoping” it falls in favor with no amount of certainty. It is like someone in a hospital “hoping” that their surgery will be a success. It is like a student “hoping” he/she would pass the examination. When people do their very best and are still uncertain of the desired outcome, they hope for the best. Life throws some serious challenges, some worse than others and some due to our own poor choices, and some others due to unexpected and sudden circumstances. Under those situations, if all you can do is “hope” without any certainty of joy or peace or success, then rest assured that is a worldly hope. But hope in the bible is the confident expectation of all the promises of God which is available to us through Jesus Christ.

Newness of life

Newness of Life

Newness of life is not about turning over a new leaf or reworking or reforming or renovation. The bible says Christ was raised by the glory of the Father ie the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the expression of that glory. Hebrews 1 says Jesus is the exact representation of the Father.  The bible says “Even so”, we also should walk in the newness of life. This newness of life is a new quality of life. Not just a change in behavior. This life is a supplanting of the old life with the new. A replacement. Not making the old life better because we are now Christians but replacing the old life with the new.