Bible Study for New Believers

bible study for new believers

Feel free to download a copy of the Foundations Class, a 9-week bible study for New Believers. This curriculum was developed by my Pastor Eric E Dooley way back in 1993 and then edited in 2003. This bible study for New Believers has since then been revised by me. I have personally sat under the teaching of Pastor Eric as he led me through this curriculum when I was a new believer. It has helped me immensely in understanding Christianity and growing in faith. More importantly, this bible study for new believers has helped me discern deceptive teachings and stay clear of all falsehoods.

When I was a new believer, I was hungry for the Word of God and dry as a sponge. I would have soaked in anything anyone told me. I was like a little child hungry for someone to teach me the truth about God and would easily have been gullible to deceptive teachings. I consider myself very blessed to have found Pastor Eric, who discipled me with very sound teaching. I was enthusiastic, soaking in everything I could get, and was super keen to serve God and to keep learning. I was super keen to teach whatever little I knew to others too. There were many elderly Christians who I recall, asked me to sober down and they warned me that this fire will die down with time. They were wrong. The fire within me only got bigger and greater and with a never-ending love for God and a never-ending thirst to know Him more.

Considering how vulnerable I was as a newborn Christian, I realized it is critical for a scripturally sound Bible study for new believers. And I want it to be easily accessible for as many children of God as possible, free of cost and free of technical complications. If you are a new church plant and are an under-resourced church, then this is for you. Below is an easily downloadable pdf version of the entire Foundations Class, a comprehensive bible study for new believers.

2 Timothy 1:13 – What you heard me teach is an example of what you should teach. Follow that model of right teaching with the faith and love we have in Christ Jesus. (ERV)

2 Timothy 4:3 – The time will come when people will not listen to the true teaching. But people will find more and more teachers who please them. They will find teachers who say what they want to hear. (ERV)

Assuming that this bible study for new believers is going to be used by pastors and church leaders to teach and disciple new believers, I have designed these notes with the new believers in mind. It is designed to encourage them to open their bibles, look for the specific scripture verses and fill in the blanks. That way, they will remember the word of God better. I have also added a few supplemental notes to each lesson, giving the pastor or leader the freedom to use their own style of teaching using the examples in the lessons.

This bible study for new believers will lay a solid Christ-based foundation and help bring true transformation to the lives of the truly saved. Jesus said, Go and make disciples of all nations. Jesus is not looking for fans. He is seeking genuine disciples. As a pastor or a leader, it is not sufficient to just preach the word one day a week to New Believers and expect them to grow into disciples. We must care for them and teach them what they do not understand. This bible study for new believers is a carefully selected collection of 9 topics, which cover the basics of Christianity. The goal of the study is to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples who make disciples and so on.

I recommend that a weekly one-hour session with New Believers (perhaps mid-week or whenever suits) is ideal to teach and go through each lesson.

Over the years of my walk with the Lord, freely I have received all the knowledge I have by the grace of God. Freely I give. Do feel free to download this Bible study for New Believers and use it as you please. My only desire is to see New Christians grow in faith and become committed disciples of Jesus Christ. I pray that this bible study for new believers will be a blessing to those who intend to use it to teach and to those who intend to learn.


As you go through each of the lessons, encourage the participants to open their Bibles, read the specific verses and fill in the blanks on the worksheet. This exercise will hopefully help the new Christians remember the scripture verses.

I have included supplemental notes at the end of each lesson with a few examples. But try and be creative in teaching your own parables or life examples. New Christians tend to remember stories better and associate them with the topic being taught. I still remember some stories Pastor Eric shared with me over 20+ years ago.

Encourage students to be “doers” of the Word. For eg: After teaching on water baptism, encourage them to get water baptized for real.

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