Bible Study Plans

Fear not

Fear not

They say “Fear not” is mentioned 365 times in the bible, once for every day of the year. I am not sure if that is correct because I have not really counted it to verify the truth of that statement. However, I do know that the phrase “fear not” is indeed mentioned several times in the bible. I ran a search for the phrase “fear not” on the net, and the results vary from version to version. The New King James version returned a result of 150.

bible study plan for beginners

Bible Study plan for beginners

It is called The Gospel of John: Discovery And Reflection Guide. This 23-day Bible study plan for beginners is from Bible League International. I have been through this plan myself and can certainly recommend it to any new Christian out there. Each day starts off with a short devotional followed by a scripture reading.

I declare war

I Declare War

I declare war is a 5-day Bible reading plan by Levi Lusko. I thoroughly enjoyed going through this bible reading plan myself. I declare war is ideal for anyone battling with self in their pursuit of holiness. The key to holiness is winning the battle with yourself. In this bible reading plan “I declare war”, Levi Lusko unfolds 4 keys to winning the battle with yourself.

Bible study for young adults

Bible Study for Young Adults

This bible study for young adults is called “Choices”. It is a short 16 day bible study for young adults designed and put together by Bible League International. Each day has a short devotional followed by carefully selected scripture verses that helps young adults make godly choices in their every day life.

easy bible reading plan

Easy Bible Reading Plan

This particular 187-day easy bible reading plan gives you a fantastic overview of the entire bible. Rest assured, I only recommend plans that I have read through myself. This easy bible reading plan has no devotional attached to each day’s reading. It is a plan simply designed to get an overview of the entire bible by reading specific scripture verses every day.

Goliath Must Fall

Goliath Must Fall

Goliath Must Fall, a 7-day bible study plan by Louie Giglio is meant to equip you with God’s Word so that you can win the battle against your personal giants. This bible study plan is based on the epic story of David and Goliath. Picture yourself as David and your personal battles in life as Goliath. David from a human perspective was small built, weak and clearly no match for a nine-foot-tall Goliath. But with God on his side, David was able to bring down Goliath. So, get ready for your victory.