Daily Devotions

hope in the bible

Hope in the Bible

Hope in the Bible is quite different from what the world refers to as hope. When the world refers to “hope”, they usually mean that they are unsure and uncertain of the desired outcome. It is like rolling a dice and “hoping” it falls in favor with no amount of certainty. It is like someone in a hospital “hoping” that their surgery will be a success. It is like a student “hoping” he/she would pass the examination. When people do their very best and are still uncertain of the desired outcome, they hope for the best. Life throws some serious challenges, some worse than others and some due to our own poor choices, and some others due to unexpected and sudden circumstances. Under those situations, if all you can do is “hope” without any certainty of joy or peace or success, then rest assured that is a worldly hope. But hope in the bible is the confident expectation of all the promises of God which is available to us through Jesus Christ.



Have you ever felt dissatisfied and unfulfilled in your job or in your walk with the Lord? Perhaps you feel dissatisfied right now.

You feel that all of your efforts are not really what is in your heart to do. Your passion perhaps lies elsewhere whilst you find yourself working hard at something you do not quite enjoy. You feel like you are a square peg in a round hole. You perhaps think you are in the wrong job. Maybe you think that your boss is not recognizing your strengths and giving you the right opportunity. You think you need to break free from the place you are in. Though all of that can sometimes be true, often the root of the issue in being dissatisfied is much deeper.

Garden Weeds

Garden Weeds

Garden weeds are so annoying, don’t you think? If you have a garden, then you know that managing garden weeds are hard work. Garden weeds are persistent, and no matter how hard you work to keep them off your garden, if ignored for a few days, they WILL re-appear.

be holy for i am holy

Be Holy for I am Holy

God said, “Be holy for I am holy”. (1 Peter 1:16). We are asked to “BE” something. This is not automatic beloved. This takes intentional effort from our side. Once the intention is there, the Holy Spirit helps us with His power to bring it to fruition. Often, believers develop a mindset of entitlement. They begin to believe that everything has to be miraculous. They believe that we should all become Christ-like with zero effort from our side. We should somehow wake up one morning and be Christ-like miraculously.

freedom from addiction

Freedom from addiction

Are you seeking freedom from addiction to sinful habits? Are you a believer that is struggling to be free from alcoholism, smoking, drugs, pornography or anything else that has kept you in bondage? You love Jesus. You love God. You love to worship, and it IS indeed your genuine desire to walk in the fullness of God. Yet, you find yourself stuck in a rut unable to get free. After every few weeks of excellent fellowship with the Lord, you stumble and feel miserable. You carry a sense of guilt and condemnation and probably consider yourself disqualified for any significant service to God. You probably have even given up and concluded “this is not for you”. Do you relate to this battle for freedom from addiction?  Do not fret my friend. You are not alone. The bible says, “No temptation has overcome you, except that which is common to man”. (1 Cor 10:13).

Another Gospel

Another Gospel

Paul expressed shock that the Galatians were deceived into following another gospel. How about you? Are you aware that another gospel is being preached? Beloved, beware, read and understand the word of God for yourselves. Just listening to a sermon once a week makes you vulnerable to another gospel message.