easy bible reading plan

Easy Bible Reading Plan

This easy bible reading plan is a 187-day reading plan and gives you a high-level view of the entire bible, chopped into smaller digestible bits ideal for New Believers and those hard-pressed for time.  I have been a new believer before, and I totally understand how hard it is to understand the bible. In fact, I found it hard to decide where to start reading the bible. Should I start from the New Testament first or should I start from Genesis in the beginning?

As I started reading from the beginning, I found it hard to understand AND I was impatient. I wanted to get to the “Jesus” parts quickly. So, I found myself jumping randomly into portions of the New Testament without any plan or contextual references. This bad habit of mine resulted in me misunderstanding scripture and unwisely yanking out a bible verse from in-between and interpreting it to suit my circumstances. I needed an easy bible reading plan. Something that would give me an overview of the story of man and God and something that was easy for a new believer to understand.

A friend of mine suggested that I read one chapter in the Old Testament, one in Psalms, one in Proverbs, and one in the New Testament every day and that I could finish reading the entire bible in a year. That sounded like a cool plan, and I did do so. And sure, I did finish reading the bible in a year. But the motive of that bible reading plan was to finish reading the bible in a year, which I did. But I did not understand significant portions of what I read. It lacked an overview. I wished someone sat me down and explained the story of man and God and about the restoration of man through Christ Jesus, how He did it, why He had to do it, and so on. As you can understand, I had all these questions in my mind as a New Believer.

A Tip For The Easy Bible Reading Plan

Pick a version of the bible that you CAN understand. It is God’s Word. Yes, I am aware that there are many out there who insist on King James or New King James or some other version and there may be valid reasons for their claims too. But I have a simpler approach. What is the point in me reading a specific version of the Bible if I can’t comprehend what it says? I would much rather pick a version that I can easily understand and as I grow in maturity, I could research other versions and the Greek and Hebrew. For years, I read only the New King James version, and then I came across the New Living Translation. Honest to God, I grew in faith a lot more in less than 2 years than I did over 15 years reading the New Living Translation, simply because it was easy to understand. As I grew in faith, I began to compare certain verses in various versions and get a deeper understanding, but it is far more important as a new believer to “understand” what you read than the “Version” you read.

There was no easy access to smartphones or apps or interactive and resourceful Christian websites then. But today, we are so blessed. With the advancement in technology, we now have access to hundreds of resources at our fingertips and right in our pockets. Unfortunately, not everything that is labeled “Christian” is safe or Christian. Many are out there with deceptive teachings that can lead you astray. I would encourage you to always read your bible for yourself and compare your understanding of scripture with what is being taught or written in the bible reading plans.

As a Christian, irrespective of being a new believer or a mature child of God, it should be our daily discipline to spend time studying the Word of God. This particular 187-day easy bible reading plan gives you a fantastic overview of the entire bible. Rest assured, I only recommend plans that I have read through myself. This easy bible reading plan has no devotional attached to each day’s reading. It is a plan simply designed to get an overview of the entire bible by reading specific scripture verses every day.

This easy bible reading plan relies on the intrinsic power of the Word of God itself and the Holy Spirit to give you the revelation you need.

I recommend you download the YouVersion app on your smartphone if you don’t have the app yet and look up this bible reading plan. It is called Start 180+.  If you do have the YouVersion app, then you probably already know that you do not need to get stressed if you miss a day or two. The app allows you to pick up where you left off or even catch you up with the date.

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