go and make disciples


The Ten Virgins is an attempt to bring you back to the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus. If you are passionate about God, bible study, fellowship, house churches, outreach, or simply want to grow in Christ, then you are at the right place. 

Most modern-day churches have plenty of programs, conferences, picnics, leaders’ meetings, training, shared dinners, and much more. They are all good and are necessary and have their place in Christian ministry. However, they have little impact on reaching the lost millions around us with the amazing gospel of Jesus Christ or even self-growth in the personal and intimate knowledge of our Lord.  Whilst being busy “involved” and “serving”, most believers remain powerless in their personal struggles with addictive behaviors and sicknesses let alone ministering to others in the power of the Holy Spirit.

If we are honest to ourselves, we all surely at one time or the other desired and aspired to walk in the same power as Paul and Peter. We wanted to pray over the lame and see them walk instantly, pray for the blind and see them open their eyes with amazement, cast out demons and deliver people, hear the voice of God and walk in His supernatural power. We read verses such as Mark 11:24 and believed we could ask for literally anything in prayer and it would be granted to us. But that doesn’t happen as easily, does it? The truth, friends is that He is God, Almighty, Holy, All-Powerful and we must step into His presence with humility and reverence.

An intimate walk with Him takes great humility, surrender, and true revelation knowledge of “Apart from Me, you can do nothing”. Such a walk with Him comes from a deep hunger and thirst to KNOW Him, which in turn causes you to fast and pray much because you only have one desire in life and that is to KNOW Him, to SEE Him as He is and to HEAR Him speak to you. I have seen men and women of God who are like this and their ministries are very similar to that of Paul and Peter. At their very presence, demons flee, people are set free, healed from sicknesses and the gifts of the Holy Spirit manifest in great love and compassion.

I know I am far from being like that and am more like any of you reading this, but I also know God is no respecter of persons. It is His will that all of us seek that intimacy with Him. I am a software consultant by profession but that should not prevent me from seeking to walk in His power every day. The bible is full of characters who were in positions of authority or were business professionals who still walked with God. Joseph, David, Gideon, Daniel, Aquila, Priscilla, Cornelius are just a few examples.

The reality is that there is a vast lost world around you. Millions of poverty-stricken people around you, thousands of orphaned children roaming the streets, and people in despair without hope. Multiplied millions have never heard the good news of salvation through Christ Jesus and they perish without ever knowing the love of the Lord. Some of the TV programs, conferences, and seminars might contribute to equipping believers, but do very little to reach out to the lost with the love of our Lord. Most lost people do not watch Christian TV. It’s kind of hard to sit back and do nothing, especially after having personally experienced the forgiveness, love, and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Most of us are quite happy to spend hundreds of dollars to attend conferences after conferences, buy Christian books, DVDs, and more whilst it only takes a few dollars to make a huge impact in the lives of poverty-stricken families living in the worst of slums in India. It takes a lot of money, resources, and manpower to run conferences and it sure equips a few saints for works of ministry. The unfortunate truth is that most people attending these equipping conferences are seeking signs, miracles, and a personal prophetic word for themselves and have very less to no interest or compassion for those perishing around them without having heard the greatest news of all even once in their life time.

Whenever I visit South Asia, the “lost-ness” of the nations simply overwhelms me. The thought of how resourceful and rich the global church is and how little of it is actually used to reach out to the poor and the lost in unreached nations is a very sad thing. Hundreds and thousands of years have gone by and nations like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, and many other similar countries have seen very little action from the global church. Yes, the western churches look far better now. Thousands and probably millions of God-given dollars are spent on much better auditoriums, much better music and worship, much better lighting and sound systems, inspiring conferences and seminars, television programs, leadership training, and community outreaches, all geared to experiences that appeal to the senses, but I wonder….Is the gospel really being preached to the lost world? Are disciples being made? Isn’t that what the Great Commission is?

Many indigenous missionaries plant multiple new churches every month with several hundred brand new believers. Talking about return on investment, do you want to put a $ value on a conference and TV programs and measure the success rates in terms of brand new first generation church plants? 

I examined modern-day Christianity and the gospels and concluded, if Jesus was here today (after His resurrection), He would want to simply love people, reach out to them with unexplainable compassion, heal them and transform them and bless them with a brand new sin-free, curse free and abundant life.  His ministry today would be exactly the same as what He did 2000 years ago. He would still preach forgiveness of sins, offer the free gift of righteousness through faith in Him and everlasting life. He would still heal the sick, cast out demons, and deliver the oppressed. Jesus isn’t here today, but aren’t we His body? Isn’t the Holy Spirit given and sent to us in His place, so we can do exactly what He did? 

The Ten Virgins is an attempt to try and bring back believers to the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus and prepare them for the soon coming of our Lord Jesus. Hopefully, believers will heed the calling of our Lord and get active in reaching out to the lost around them, one on one. Hopefully, believers will take their Christianity seriously and pursue holiness and godliness, lest they be counted among the ones the Lord rejected exclaiming He never knew them

Feel free to download or read through some of the freely available studies and sermons on this site. It is my only desire to see you grow in faith and in the knowledge of the Lord and present you prepared as one of the wise virgins at the coming of our bridegroom.   

If you are a new believer, download the free bible study for new believers for all you need to know as a new born-again believer. Take your time to read and comprehend each topic at your own pace. Feel free to use the Contact Us page to ask any queries you may have or send prayer requests. I will endeavor to reply to you as soon as I can.  

I do hope you will make utmost use of all resources at the Ten Virgins for your own personal walk with the Lord and also distribute it freely to whoever needs it.  Let us be those disciples who wouldn’t mind getting our hands dirty and love the unlovable, reach out with compassion to the poor and the needy and share the love of Jesus. Let us truly go and make disciples as the Lord commanded.